Image of Differentiation & Positioning in Launching New Product: A Helios Case

Differentiation & Positioning in Launching New Product: A Helios Case

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Publisher :IPMI , 1996

In July 1994, Helios prepares to launch a new biscuit product with the Brand "MIC-MAC" used in cracker's category that positioned as snacks for teenagers. It has something unique in the flavor and the shape of the product that was familiar to teenagers and was to be the first in the market. This product was identified as MIC-MAC Card Crackers, with the shape as playing card, and be the first product from a big range of MIC -MAC crackers.

The launching program has prepared quite well and the campaign program has backed up also by TV Campaign program. The entire campaign program in TV and magazine targeted for teenagers and with the theme of teenager's lifestyle.

After three months launching period, the result was under expectation and the positioning was not match with teenagers. From the survey that has done, major consumers for the product were children even when all the promotion activities targeted for teenagers.

Regarding from the research that have been done after 3 months launching some of teenagers think that, this product was a children junk food. And for teenagers who think that this product as snacking crackers for their age, they would buy this product in the Supermarket. That's why this product was quiet successful only in supermarket, because many teenagers buy it there. But as a total launching project the result was very bad, because only achieved 20 % from sales target and the brand awareness still very low.

In the whole project under the Brand of MIC - MAC, Helios also have plan to launch another potential product in the same category but in different shape and packaging, which they called it as Sandwich Crackers that targeted also for teenagers. This product will be launch in April 1995. Actually in the previous plan this product should be launched together with the first product ( MIC - MAC Card Crackers) in July 1994, but there are some delays that make it cannot be launched together. Now, regarding bad result from the previous launch program, there are some questions and consideration before Helios launches the second product (MIC - MAC Sandwich Crackers).

Research Location: Helios

Supervisor: [Wagiono Ismangil]

Accepted: 1996

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Publisher Place Jakarta
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