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Strategic Brand Management Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity

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Publisher :Pearson Education , 2020

Create profitable brand strategies by building, measuring, and managing brand equity

Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity looks at branding from the perspective of the consumer, and provides a framework that identifies, defines, and measures brand equity. Using insight from both academics and industry practitioners, the text draws on illustrative examples and case studies of brands marketed in the US and all over the world. New co-author and award-winning scholar Vanitha Swaminathan, joins Kevin Lane Keller on this exciting, new 5th Edition. This edition also features a greater focus on digital branding, so students are aware of the exciting new opportunities and daunting challenges brands must face in connecting with today’s consumers.
A solid branding framework helps students recognize, explain, and measure brand equity.

A focus on customer-based brand equity, including its definition; sources and outcomes; and tactical guidelines about how to build, measure, and manage brand equity, helps students interpret the potential effects and trade-offs of strategies and practices for managing brands. Giving students a solid foundation allows for the broad exploration of a complicated subject.
A new author incorporates her experiences and insights into the narrative and applications.

New - Co-author and award-winning scholar, professor, and branding consultant Vanitha Swaminathan joins Kevin Lane Keller -- one of the international leaders in the study of strategic brand management and integrated marketing communications, in this 5th Edition.
Helpful tools show students how to lay the branding groundwork and create profitable brand strategies.

New and Updated - Numerous real-life examples illuminate the discussion of virtually every topic, while more than 100 Branding Briefs and cases provide more in-depth examination of selected topics or brands.
New and Updated - The Science of Branding boxes highlight the latest academic research on key topics, using accessible, jargon-free language.
New and Updated - In-depth timelines on innovative brands and companies, including Amazon, Google, Apple, Mountain Dew, Harley Davidson, and Burberry, trace key developments in the history of these mega-brands.
Coverage of important branding topics keeps students abreast of current industry practices.

New and Updated - Research on and discussion of the latest branding tactics range from attribution modeling and social listening, to online brand engagement and influencer marketing.
New - Important branding topics include netnography as a research technique, new capabilities for brand marketers, digital platform brands, digital native vertical brands, marketing to bicultural consumers, and managing brand crises in the social media era.
Updated - Brand Focus in every chapter delves into detail on specific branding-related topics such as brand audits, private labels, legal issues, and more.

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