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Contemporary marketing : audio chapter reviews

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Publisher :South-Western/Thomson Learning , 2004

11th ed and script and narration by Stephen M. Peters.

These audio reviews contain key chapter concepts and learning objectives allowing you to review classroom material anywhere, anytime. Listen to them while you're exercising, in your car, or even while walking through campus on your way to class. Step to the head of the class, because you'll be prepared in a completely new way!. These CDs will work on any audi CD system.

Audio Chapter Reviews:


Chapter 1: Customer-driven marketing

Chapter 2: Strategic planning and the marketing process

Chapter 3: The marketing environment, ethics, and social responsibility

Chapter 4: Global dimensions of marketing


Chapter 5: E-commerce : electronic marketing and the internet for and Brick-and-Mortar Marketers

Chapter 6: Relationship marketing and customer relationship management (CRM)

Chapter 7: Marketing research, decision-support systems, and sales forecasting

Chapter 8: Market segmentation, targeting and positioning

Chapter 9: Consumer behavior

Chapter 10: Busine-to-business (B2B) marketing


Chapter 11: Product strategies

Chapter 12: Category and brand management, product identification, and new-product planning

Chapter 13: Price determination

Chapter 14: Managing the pricing function


Chapter 15: Marketing channels, logistics, and supply chain management

Chapter 16: Direct marketing and marketing resellers : retailers and wholesalers

Chapter 17: Integrated marketing communications

Chapter 18: Advertising, sales promotion, and public relations

Chapter 19: Personal selling and sales-force management

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